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Bailey (previously Pebbles)

Adopted: 05/13/2014

We adopted bailey back in 2014. When we arrived at Upper Credit she was there with her puppy. We took one look at her and knew she was the one for us. After getting our first dog Timber from Upper Credit we thought we would try again with a smaller dog. Bailey has been spoiled every day since we brought her home in 2014. She has a special spot In everyone’s hearts including our extended family. She loves to sleep in comfort. She likes to think she is human and will get herself under blankets and then puts her head on the pillow to take a nap.

Maggie (previously Flora)

Adopted: 02/01/2006

We went to Upper Credit to see a dog we found online and fell in love. She’s been my most loyal companion and a true mommy’s girl. She has always been great with the kids, yet we know from some of her behaviours she has some buried demons from her past. She’s great and I wouldn’t have picked any other dog. She had a sister Fauna that looked nothing like her. We often wonder how she is doing.


Adopted: 11/22/2016

Update on Tayza we adopted her in November 2016 and she has turned out to be a real beauty. We recently took in a stray kitten and Tayza has been wonderful in acting like a mama cat to help this tiny kitten adjust to her new home. Thank you again for allowing us to adopt such a gentle, loving cat. We just adore her 💟


Adopted: 07/07/2010

Keane has been with us for 7 years now. We lived in the suburbs back then, but I was searching for a farm for us and our horses, and a farm dog to go with it. Keane was 8 months, mostly black and and almost 100 lbs. My husband was skeptical, horrified by his size. Keane was a notorious counter surfer and chewer – he ate the central vac hose, my video camera, Gord’s wallet, and many other valuable items. The odd thing was, he only chewed when we were with him, never when we left him alone – I think he was testing us. The chewing phase quickly passed (I taught him to bring the objects to us in exchange for a treat, instead of destroying them), we bought our farm, and Keane does his farm job superbly. He watches over us and the animals, looks scary enough to be a guard dog (but would never bite anyone), doesn’t stray or bark. He is calm and clean in the house and follows us everywhere.


Adopted: 11/20/2016

We wanted a dog, we found a dog. We love him, he loves us. He nice, we nice people. He active, we active. He sleepy, we sleepy. He happy, we happy! I think we found the perfect dog.

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