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Adopted: n/a

Well its been almost a year since we adopted Tayza and as you can see she adores her big brother Kasey, who just turned 22 ..thank you UCHS for allowing us to adopt her 😍

Bandito and Silvee

Adopted: 08/08/2017

Hi everyone!

Wanted to share with you that Bandito and Silvee seem to be getting on just great in our home. Our dog, Dixie, treats Silvee like her BFF….except she doesn’t understand why. When she offers Silvee the other end of her pull-toy, Silvee just looks at her like: “You want me to what?!”

Bandito and Dixie are taking a little longer to get comfy with each other. Bandito has interacted quite a bit, but seems very protective of Silvee, so has hissed at Dixie when he feels Dixie is overstepping her boundaries.

All in all, it’s a happy household.

P.S. When our chickens saw Silvee through the patio door, one of them started squawking, “Security! Security! We have an intruder!”


Adopted: 07/21/2017

We adopted Chunky about a month ago and today is his first birthday! He is too smart for his own good and the most loving, caring dog ever. He wants to say hi to every person and dog he sees. He has the most genuine heart and we could not be happier.

P.S. He thinks he’s 10 lbs. If he catches you sitting, he will sit on your lap.

Thanks so much Upper Credit Humane Society for completing our family!


Adopted: 12/11/2008

We went to the shelter to find a cat and we found Marm! He is so sweet and nice and he loves to play!


Adopted: n/a

We got Bella in 2016. She came from Quebec at the age of 1, and we just came back from Quebec, so it was funny. At first her name was Elva … we say elves! Happy 2 birthday, you made my day.

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