Barn cat program

When feral cats are brought to the Upper Credit Humane Society, we work with them for 4-6 months in an effort to transition them from feral to human-friendly. We do this through human socialization in a non-caged environment.

We have many success stories of feral cats that have become comfortable with humans and have since been adopted into new homes. If a cat does not become accustomed to humans, we place them in approved barns or workshops where they live happily and comfortably as mousers.

While these cats are not social or human-friendly, they have up-to-date vaccinations, are spayed or neutered and are microchipped.

What is required from me?

Site visit: Owners permit a property visit by UCHS staff to ensure the best possible survival of the cats. Staff will then revisit your property to set up/take down a containment area if there is no tack room or closable room for the cats to be contained for a three-week period. We also provide follow-up calls to ensure this process is being completed successfully.

Barn requirements: The temperature in barns must not go below freezing in the winter, which can be achieved by either heaters or animals and they must have proper insulation/hiding for the cats. If you do not have proper hiding or insulation, 20+ bales of straw (not hay) may be bought in to set up proper housing or an insulation box may be also be used. Insulation boxes can be purchased or you can make your own:

Number of cats: We must place a minimum of two cats at each property, or a single cat can be added to an existing barn cat population. Multiple cats are required to ensure a bond is made, which helps to ensure the cats will stay on site.

Available cats: Cats available for the barn cat program will be posted on the adoptable pets section of our website. The individual descriptions of the cats will indicate whether they are eligible for the barn cat program.

Caretaker: A person must be on site once a day to feed and water the cats. Cats must have access to fresh water.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee for us to come and visit your barn or workshop, set up for the three-week containment area for the cats or any related support. However, donations are always appreciated.

There are fees if insulation boxes ($40 from UCHS) or straw bales (generally between $5-7/bale) need to be placed.

If you are interested in placing barn cats in to your barn please call UCHS at 519-833-2287