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Barn cats

Gender: Unknown
Breed: Unknown
Age: Varies
Size: Unknown
Colour: Varies

Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: Unknown
Housetrained: Yes

Location: UCHS shelter - cat adoption rooms

Barn cat program

Pippa, Piper, Iota and Squash are all looking for freedom they want to live a natural, but safe, life. Some of these cats arrived as transfers from high-kill facilities because of their temperament or as strays. The difference with cats suitable for the Barn Cat Program is that they seem to be unhappy with the shelter confinement; the call of the wild sears through them and they yearn for a less restrictive life but still need caregivers who will feed and make sure they are housed suitably..

UCHS puts in many months of their time to try and turn around cats that are deemed to be feral and many of them become domesticated and go on to live happy lives in a family setting. Unfortunately for these cats who have been with us for 4-6 months in our open free roaming rooms, they are still not suitable for home adoption. These lovely cats are now searching for a home that is outdoors where they are not confined but have the warmth, food, and another companion cat to bond with and are housed safely.

Would your farm, workshop or acreage benefit from a barn cat? The cats come already spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Even though they have not bonded with  humans, they usually love other animals and enjoy their company so where possible we place two together; they make great exterminators for your barn or workshop, they are generally low maintenance, you save a life, you add character to your barn or workshop.

UCHS ensures barns have caretakers who feed and water the cats, are warm for the winter and that survival of the cats are top priority.

Please check out our requirements at: http://uppercredit.com/adopt/barn-cat-program/

We do all site visits, provide services for containment areas and provide set up supplies at no cost. Donations specifically for the Barn Cat program are appreciated. Please call the shelter at 519-833-2287 or email info@uppercredit.com if you would like to participate in our Barn Program.