Memorial garden

Cherishing memories of our beloved pets – Trooper’s Forget-Me-Not Memorial Garden

In the fall of 2012, we opened our Trooper’s Forget-me-not Memorial Garden. We wanted to provide a place where members of our community can honour the pets they have lost with a special place in the garden. The garden is located along the west side of the shelter property underneath the maple tree.

Each memorial has a plaque mounted on a stone and is mapped for easy identification. Three standard sizes are available as well as a customized option. Gift certificates can be provided.

Proceeds from the sale of the memorials will go to Trooper’s Fund which provides for animals that require special or critical veterinary care.

Memory cards can also be purchased at the Thrift Shop or at the shelter to commemorate the passing of loved ones, human or animal.

Memorial Plaque Pricing

SMALL – $35.00
Bone shaped plaque (1 ½” x 1”)
Up to 3 short lines
Mounted on to approximate 4” x 5” stone

MEDIUM – $75.00
Brass Plaque
Rectangular plaque (4” x 6”)
Up to 3 long lines

LARGE – $100.00
Brass Plaque
Rectangular plaque (7″ x 9″)
Up to 3 long lines

Examples – statue, bench, large boulder

To order a plaque or purchase a gift certificate, please call the shelter at 519-833-2287 or email