Surrendering your pet

We understand there are circumstances that may prevent you from keeping your pet, and that you may require assistance in finding a new home for the animal. We appreciate the decision to re-home a pet is very difficult and is most often made in the best interests of the animal.

If you are in a situation that requires you to surrender a pet, please contact the shelter at 519-833-2287 and speak with a staff member prior to visiting the shelter. Please note that we do not accept pet surrenders without an appointment.

As part of the process to surrender your pet, we will gather important information about the animal that we will use to help us find the most suitable home. This will include details about the animal’s history, behaviour, preferences and habits.

If you are looking to surrender your pet, please complete the appropriate surrender form (feline surrender form or canine surrender form) and email it to or send it via fax to 519-833-2247. Shelter staff will contact you within three days of receiving your completed form.

We will ask you to provide the following:

  • Photo identification
  • Proof that the animal belongs to you and that you have the right to surrender it
  • Veterinary records and/or medical history for the animal

The Upper Credit Humane Society reserves the right to decline requests to surrender animals to our organization.